Statement From Lakesha Burton about Mat Nemeth’s Withdrawal from Race

This was expected, and it’s exactly why we need change at JSO.

The establishment that has run the Sheriff’s Office for decades and failed to bring Jacksonville’s high crime under control has been scheming to rig this election so they can hold onto power. This is why I am running. It’s time to end the “hand me down politics” at JSO.

There are those trying to rig an election that belongs to voters of Duval County. I want those good old boys to know I’m not afraid. I’m not concerned. This is exactly why I am running for sheriff.  We have to get the politics out of law enforcement and put our neighborhoods and communities back into public safety.

–  Lakesha Burton, Candidate for Jacksonville Sheriff

Burton Discusses Priorities on Bobbie G’s Breakroom Podcast

Jacksonville Sheriff’s Candidate Lakesha Burton talked about her priorities as the city’s next sheriff during an interview April 16 with host Bobbie G for his Breakroom podcast.

“I’m proud to say that under my leadership as a zone commander in the Arlington and Beaches area we delivered a record-breaking 16 percent crime reduction in our zone,” Burton told the host. “That’s never happened before. I’m talking about violent and property crime… These were significant reductions and I believe we can replicate what we did in Zone 2 citywide.”

See the entire interview online here…

Burton Leads All Candidates in New UNF Poll

From the Florida Times-Union article on Feb. 17, 2022:  In the sheriff’s race, Burton has the edge over two Republicans: T.K. Waters at 27% and Matthew Nemeth at 15%. Trailing the pack were Democratic candidates Tony Cummings at 4% and Wayne Clark at 2%.

UNF Pollster Dr. Michael Binder said the race for sheriff “is a little bit closer” than the current spread for mayor “but folks are clearly excited about Lakesha Burton, the first Black woman to run for Jacksonville sheriff.”

We’ve got a long way to go, but it’s always nice to hear that people are excited about Lakesha Burton and her campaign.

Burton Campaign Continues Successful Fundraising Blitz

Bipartisan Support Passes $664,000 in Five Months

Jacksonville sheriff’s candidate Lakesha Burton’s campaign and a supporting political committee raised more than $114,000 in August, a traditionally tough month for campaign fundraising. The campaign and committee have raised more than $664,000 combined, including significant donations from Democrat, Independent and Republican community leaders.

“We’ve already surpassed and updated our initial campaign fundraising goals,” said Burton, an assistant chief at Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office. “It’s been an incredible team effort led by volunteers and supported by hundreds of donors including some of our city’s most important community leaders – from both political parties.”

Burton’s political committee, Make Every Voice Count, raised $110,045 in August, bringing its total raised to $554,560. Her campaign has raised $103,414 to date.

Burton, a Democrat running to become Jacksonville’s first female sheriff, is garnering significant support from leading Duval GOP donors. Charles Cupp, Gary Chartrand, Wayne Weaver, David Miller, Fitzhugh Powell, John Baker and Michael Ward are among some of the prominent Republican donors who have made significant PAC contributions. In addition, leading Democrat and Independent donors such as Darnell Smith, Jeff Chartrand, Audrey Moran, Jim and Ellen Wiss, Bobby Stein, Pam Paul and Delores Weaver are among major contributors. Smaller donations of less than $100 have been made by hundreds of supporters from all areas of the city.

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